A guide how to hire a house cleaning service with less headaches

Sometimes it is hard to decide which  cleaning service to choose for our homes. We offer you some useful tips how to make the proper choice and save you a couple of problems.

Advice № 1.

Consult with a professional service and don’t  hire just a single person if it is possible at all. Why? There are three reasons: (1) Liability, (2) Reliability, and (3) Effectiveness.

Liability: If you hire an individual, this will puts a lot of additional legal conditions and financial obligations on householders. Is this true? We will answer you yes. To hire an individual means you are now federally liable to collect, report and pay taxes to your new ’employee’. Furthermore, the 99%  of the cleaning made by individuals DO NOT carry appropriate general liability and worker’s compensation insurance for the worker. They may fall, hurt themselves, damage surfaces  or break items in your home and your homeowner insurance is 100% liable. Would you really risk the largest investment in your life to save money?

Reliability: If the person you hired becomes sick or just has in his mind something better to do, can you guess what is going to happen? Your home will not be cleaned that day.

Effectiveness: if your home’s size is more than 1,000 square feet, it is simply too much for just a single person to clean perfectly every detail in one day. People become tired, some things may be missed or not done properly. Consider this thing. Could you do it yourself in a day. By the way, if they are that excellent and they can be employed, they’ll probable make more cash working for a Professional Service. So why aren’t they working with such a service?

Decide  what you want to get cleaned.

Advice № 2.

In most of the cases, you’re paying for time. Even if a cleaning service has their own cleaning scheme, many services can offer customization to clean the most important areas that are regularly used and let you  just ‘add on’ the extra guest room or bathroom when you need. Also, think rationally. Actually you hire people, not machines. They put effort in their work and deserve to be treated with respect as any human being should.

Request about background bhecks

Ask how the employees get paid

Advice № 3.

The hourly wage is good. It means they are paid for the full period of time in your home.   The employees that are paid with commissions or percentages mean they have to pass through xx number of houses in a day in order to earn a good paycheck. The same thing happens if they are paid by the home. Would you personally agree to receive the same payment to clean a 1,000 sq ft home as a 4,000 sq ft home?). It’s also recommended if they get a payment for the time they spend travelling or for the mileage.

You can check online reviews and look at the service’s website.

Advice № 4.

You can advice with these reviews , but don’t make your decision based just on them alone. Some cleaning services pay for good reviews and everyone can make a web page look attractive these days. It’s also nice to notice when the cleaning company is involved in anything that is related to the community.

Search for an important information

Advice № 5.

Find out how long the specific company has been in business, where they perform their services, what’s the number of their customers and what kind of products they use. From this you will get an idea how stable they are, whether they understand your area and whether you have to add the extra cost of providing the materials needed for cleaning, or if the company does bring their own cleaning supplies, are they eco-friendly cleaning products. It also gives you the chance to ask for some local references. Don’t forget to check for them.

A guide how to hire a house cleaning service with less headaches
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