About Us

Sunny Clean offers professional cleaning services in London. Serving both domestic and commercial clients, we clean private houses, rented studios and apartments, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants and other properties of various sizes and types.

It’s the mingling of professionalism and human touch towards cleaning that makes us who we are.

We Are Professionals, You Are Happy

Our goal is to help you turn any property into a sparkling, fresh and inviting space and ultimately make you feel calm and happy about it.

To maintain high standards of cleaning services Sunny Clean’s skilled cleaners adhere to a set of processes with proven efficiency and follow approved check-lists for every clean they carry out.

To live up to each and every “professional” qualifier we use to describe our services, we are dedicated to carrying out services, using:

  • Efficient, high-quality equipment
  • The right chemical for every corner of the property
  • Perfectly streamlined cleaning processes

And while the above are what makes for a spotlessly clean space, they are something that will not buy you a sparkling property. It is the human touch that will.

Human Touch Everything

We are in business for we know it takes more than professional equipment and chemicals to clean a property. We at Sunny Clean believe that the human touch in transforming a property into a pristine clean place is as important. And this belief we attach to everything we do.

Sunny Clean’s affable staff:

  • Smile and greet
  • Pay special attention to the smallest detail while cleaning
  • Begin work well prepared and dressed in uniforms
  • Treat your property with care

From a Team of One to Cleaning Services Covering the Entire London Area

Our story begins in 2003 with the vision of our owner: cleaning services are to be delivered professionally with attention to every detail and a smile on every cleaner’s face.

We started small, with a few teams, further increasing the number of people working for the company. Slowly but steadily we expanded the areas we cover in London, the client base we serve, and the range of cleaning services we deliver.

At present we have the capacity, the expertise and the trained teams needed to cover the entire London area (M25 included), tailoring any of our cleaning services to suit any cleaning need you might have.

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