After Party Cleaning Tips

So, today, we are going to show you how to quickly and easily to clean up after a party, oh, and for all the kids out there, you should read this article – because knowing how to clean up after a party is the best way to hide it from your parents.


We all love parties but unfortunately at the end of it, there comes the tedious and unpleasant task of cleaning the mess. No one wants to clean when the party is over. But there are in fact some helpful tips that can save you a lot of time and effort in the process of cleaning. We will tell them here for you.
The best way to avoid a lengthy clean-up at the end of your party is to prepare BEFORE the party even starts – make sure you have coasters readily available and designate an area to keep food and drinks – keep microfibre cloths or paper towel handy to clean up any spills AS THEY HAPPEN.

Ensure that your kitchen is in shape before even the start of the party. Wash any pans or pots you used to prepare the party food, or use the dishwasher if you’are short of time. Make sure that you empty it, in rder to be ready to fill it again after the paryt. In this way you will help yourself with the tackling of the cleaning after the party.

You can serve non-messy food. For example you can prepare for your party little bite-sized snacks  or simple appetizers that are “grab-as-you-go”. Avoid the different dips or sauces because they create mess and decor that is hard to clean.

Don’t use expensive china or dinnerware. No one likes to break expensive dishware. So in order to avoid this problem, we suggest the cheaper option  to use disposable and biodegradable plastic plates and stemless glassware that are easy to clean. They can be found in different colours or funny shapes. This will save you not only money, but also the effort to clean them afterwards. You can help even more yourself with the cleaning if you place a bin near the table so that everyone can throw their garbage there. Or you can create a spot where everyone can leave there dirty dishes by placing an empty trail on a separate table nearby.

Choose drinks that are not dark-coloured and don’t create hard to clean stains such as colourful juices or red wine. For instance, there are various of beverages out there such as beer, white wine, champagne. If you want to offer colourful  punch, just put the bowl in a non-carpeted place away from the areas with a high-traffic.

It’s also important to recruit some people to help you clean if you can – a few extra hands makes the clean-up substantially easier then going it alone. A work when it is shared it’s always more easy than when it’s done just by one person.

Keep some cleaning tools nearby. Put somewhere near a broom, dustpan or a hand vacuum cleaner to clean immediately dropped food so that it’s not smashed into the carpet.

More over you can keep clean cloth in your kitchen in the case of spill.

Have some food containers at the ready – or ask your guests to bring containers so you can easily hand out left overs at the end of the night.

Be sure to leave a garbage can and maybe even a recycling bin in an obvious place and remember to close the door to rooms that you want to keep off limits while your guests are over. Keep at the ready plastic bags to clean easily after the party.You may also wish to move any breakable or valuable items to a safe place.

Finally, give your bathroom a quick tidy and make sure your have fresh towels and ample hand soap and toilet paper – you can even put a sign on the door to ensure clarity on what’s behind it.


Now that the party is over, but before you start the clean-up – go ahead clear your kitchen counters and it’s a good idea to have an empty dishwasher too – remember, most of the party debris will be dishes and glasses, so make sure you have room for them in your kitchen!

Alright, let’s get to it…


The three wave method of cleaning, which can be seen in our clean your bathroom and clean your bedroom videos – is what I find to be the most efficient method for cleaning virtually any room in a timely manner.

Simply pick a starting point somewhere in your room and work your way around the room – performing a specific task – three times.


For the first wave we’re bringing in a laundry basket, a garbage bag and I’m using a tray to collect all the plates, glasses, mugs, bowls, serving dishes and cutlery to bring back to the kitchen.

As you come across garbage – it goes into the garbage bag and as you come across things that belong in another room – they can go into the basket.

Recyclables can also be brought to the kitchen to be emptied out.


For wave two you’re going to need a microfiber cloth and a some all-purpose cleaner – so, I think you know where this is headed, but, during this wave, you’re also going to be straightening.

Go back to your starting point and spot clean all the areas that were affected by the party – cup rings on furniture – spills on tables – you get the idea – you can also tackle any stains that you come across.

When you come across something that needs to be straightened, well – straighten it! Rooms look much cleaner when things like pillows and frames are lined up nicely.


The final wave is the easiest wave – it’s just vacuuming if you have carpet – or quick mopping if you have hardwood or laminate floors.

You can also use the vacuum on the couch or chairs as needed.

There you have it and remember you can use this 3 wave cleaning system for cleaning any room in your house – so if your party happens to spill over into other rooms, you can just repeat the waves for each room!

One final tip – it’s really a good idea to clean up the party as soon as it’s over – I know it isn’t the most desirable thought, but let me tell you, the smell of stale food and alcohol is horrible – so even if you’re not going to do all of your cleaning after the party, do at least remove the food and drink from the party room.

But, Clean My Space nation, we want to know – did you ever have parties as a kid and try to hide it from your parents? Share your story in the comment box below because I love hearing what you have to say!

After Party Cleaning Tips
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