End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean

End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean 12
End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean 12
It’s a well-known that end of tenancy period is not an easy one. It doesn’t matter whether we are tenants or landlords, either way we bear a responsibility for the cleanliness of the place. Because no one wants to enter a new place which is a mess, especially if we are paying for it.

If we are not well-prepared for this period at the end of tenancy, it can be for us a tough and stressfull time. Especially if you are a landowner, you need to plan ahead when your tenants  are leaving your property. In this way you will avoid any disputes with the new occupants. Be sure that any damage done by you or your tenants is replaced or repaired in advance. We recommend you to arrange your end of tenancy cleaning as close to the inventory. A flat which is well-organized is much easier to be cleaned when it’s time for moving out.  This means that if all the rooms are well organized, both the cleaning and the moving can be less burdensome and stressful.
As a property owner you are probably perfectly acquainted that some tenants tend to clean their place regularly and leave fewer messes after them to be fixed. But there are some cases of uncareful tenants that require a much more thorough cleaning. You may be able to perform the cleaning yourself but at the expense of the quality and the efficiency, especially if you are short of time or don’t own the right products. Another thing besides time is to consider the cost. It’s probable that you think  doing the cleaning yourself  is the cheaper option than if you hire a professional cleaning service. But question yourself does taking time out from your business to clean instead of focusing on running it will affect it positively.? And if you add to this the fact that you had to buy good cleaning products, the cleaning cost may turn out to be high. You will realize over time that in fact the use of professional cleaning services is in fact cost-effective.
In this case, when you cannot perform the cleaning yourself, you should get help from a professional cleaning company such as Sunny Clean. It’s essential that you choose the proper cleaning service. We will suggest you here a few things for which you have to look out when choosing a professional cleaning service:
  1. When searching for a good professonal cleaning company, check whether or not they thoroughly clean the appliances inside and out. For example ovens usually gather much grease and food stains, and as they harden over time, it’s very difficult to remove them afterwards. Professional cleaning companies use strong cleaners for the most stubborn stains on ovens. Also they pay attention to refrigerators, because the spills in them sometimes leak into some crevices and cracks. Consequently, if this problem is left untreated, it may lead to bug problems.
  2. They provide good bathroom cleaning as they clean thoroughly all parts of the bathroom. They do substantial floor cleaning, descaling of the shower screen and the toilet bowl, degreasing and polishing the wall tiles, removing hard water stains and leftover soap deposits. In addition to the cleaning of mirrors, sinks and shelves, the reliable companies they clean the grout properly to remove the mildew/mould, which appears mostly in tiled bathrooms.
  3. Think about how long has the company been in business and whether they are trustworthy and reliable.
Regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your rentable property is one of the keys to success if you are a property owner who wants to make a good impression and thinks about his tenants. Especially in business image is everything. In this case, it’s important to get your place cleaned by someone who provides high-quality and effective service. Professional cleaning service not only perform the cleaning tasks fast, they are also best suited to solve all kinds of cleaning problems.
Here we demonstrate you that Sunny Clean is such a company which strives to provide the best service to their clients.
Today Sunny Clean’s team is in Camden London carrying out a Professional deep End of tenancy cleaning for a 2 bedroom flat inclusive Professional steam cleaning of carpets.
The flat was in a really bad condition as you can see on the pictures made before the cleaning, but our team did miracles to the property just for a few hours, using the amazing ProChem chemicals and equipment. The results are brilliant as you can see from the pictures!Video of End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean

Images of End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean

End of Tenancy cleaning project in Camden London by Sunny Clean
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