Check the result in all rooms in a London flat after End of Tenancy Cleaning Project by Sunny Clean 10
Check the result in all rooms in a London flat after End of Tenancy Cleaning Project by Sunny Clean 10

Today Sunny Clean’s team is in SLOUGH, SL1 2NB carrying out a Professional End of tenancy cleaning for a 1 bedroom flat inclusive steam cleaning of carpets.
The flat was in a really bad and unkept condition as you can see on the pictures made before the cleaning. But our team did miracles just for a few hours, using the amazing ProChem chemicals and equipment which are top-quality and make our cleaning procedure really effective.

What our team cleaned:

 The refrigerator:

Furthermore, there are some particular spots in almost every property that also need special attention. Every landlord should make sure that these spots are well-cleaned before letting the new tenants into the place.

One of these places is the refrigerator. It should be cleaned inside and out so that to avoid the appearance of roaches. The thorough cleaning of the refrigerator after it has been thawed and defrosted also prevents it from getting mold inside. As you can see here, all the shelves in this refrigerator are well-cleaned and spotless.

The kitchen sink:

The tap of the bathroom sink is immaculately cleaned, shiny and properly descaled.

The cupboards:

The cupboard is one of the places in the kitchen that collects dirt and gets messy faster because of food leftovers. Fortunately, it can be perfectly cleaned with the help of our workers. See for yourselves here well-looking is the cupboard now than its previous condition.

The shower cabin:

Check how perfectly descaled and polished is the glass door of the cabin.  Also the floor  is shining and all the tiles are immaculately clean.

The corridor:

A place which  usually have  high-traffic, the corridor gets dirty very fast. Sometimes the carpet stains are too stubborn to be removed without the right equipment. Here in this project our teams did a great job and now this corridor is  in a perfect condition. The carpet is completely spotless without any stains.

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