Helpful cleaning advices for summer

Although outside sun is shining and the weather is fantastic, the  summer season often can  present some particular dirtiness. The mess vary a lot- from dirty spots from grass  to splashes of melted ice cream. So, summer can turn rarther into a challenge for you, unless you know some special tricks .

Maximize your house cleaning by using these great five tips to keep your home always shiny and organized during the hot season.

1. A summer tip for a clean bathroom

During the hot season it is more likely to use your shower, whether you will use it for washing the sweat from your childrens’ sport game or the dirt from a day spent in the garden.
Make sure that you remind everyone not to forget to keep the fan on or a window open  during every shower in the bathroom to prevent humidity, which is the environment that enhances the development of mold.

So, summer is a proper time to check what you have under the sink or the shower rack. Throw out any empty bottles or other useles things and make a list of the things you need.

If you live in an area that becomes humid during the summer period, make sure to wipe down any surfaces that collect moisture in order to prevent mildew or hard-water blots.

2. How to have clean deck or patio furniture in the summer
We all know that summer is the perfect time to eat outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re firing  the grill or holding a potluck, it’s very likely that you will spend a lot of time in your garden this season.

In fact, it is not a very hard task to clean your patio. It only takes 30 minutes and a little bit of  elbow grease, and you’ll get the desired result.

If you want a clean patio furniture, you can use a gentle mixture of detergent and clean water  to clean it. See if your cushions have laundering instructions.

If there is  any rust on your metal furniture, you can sand it down and then rinse it. Depending on how much rust your furniture has, you may need to repeat this process a couple of tmes.

A useful summer tip: Spring rains can be the cause of corrosion on a lot of equipment in your garden. You can use our guide to painting outdoor decor in order to get a finish on everything just like your furniture is completely new.

3. A tip for your laundry room
The key for a preparation of the laundry room for a summer full of washing, drying and folding grass-stained T-shirts and shorts is organization. You know that the summer season is requires a lot of folding grass-stained T-shirts and shorts,washing and drying.

Get rid off any  empty bottles and boxes that may have gathered in your laundry room, and make sure to pack away any winter clothing in order to make space for the unavoidable  hampers and baskets of dirty clothes. If there is not too much clutter in your room, it will be more easy for you to arrange your clothes. And therefore the process will be more fast.

Because in the summer you can see an entirely more different kind of stains than this you can encounter in the other seasons, such as grass, ice cream, dirt, condiments. Undoubtedly you may need to decide which of your clothes need to be pretreated and those you can simply throw into the washer, which may require more space than you’d realize.

Don’t forget to check  our guide on cleaning the most common  stains that occur in the summer..

4. A good tip for a clean summer kitchen
Hot temperatures may be the reason why in the summer your garbage bin stinks. The nasty smell is a sign that it’s time for you to scrub it down. While spring cleaning is usually all about organizing and cleaning surfaces, on the other hand summer is the best time to pay attention to the particular details of everything else in the kitchen, such as   appliances.

The cleaning of the toaster is easy and includes just removing the  bottom plate that gathers crumbs and shaking out any pieces of bread between the slots. On the contrary, appliances that we use more often, like the microwave or the oven, for example, may need a more thorough cleaning.

You can add speed to your  kitchen-cleaning summer routine with the help of our guide and get it done in just 30 minutes.

5. A tip for a cleaned pantry
Even if your whole house is sparkling clean when you walk through, you always find something about the pantry that is overlooked. This is the best time to organize all the items that can be used, after you get rid of all the kinds of foods that are either expired or you just do not know why you bought them. This will help you to have more easy access, because there’s nothing more bad than a situation when you  rummage for something in the very back of the pantry and knock everything over while doing this.

6.A summer tip for END OF TENANCY CLEANING

Cleaning the pantry is more than just an organization. Pantries are refurbished in order to get rid of the mysteriously collected  debris and crumbs. Use our pantry clean out guide to make most of your time.

Helpful cleaning advices for summer
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