How to make cleaning more fun?

Everyone will accept that cleaning is such a thing that usuallynot all of us like at all especially when it comes to the end of tenancy one. We delay it and try to persuade ourselves that it’s not crucial to do it in the moment, and also that we have more important task to be done.

And then the day comes when we learn we will have to move out soon and we haven’t even started our cleaning at all. Fortunately, there exists a way to make your cleaning change from a boring task to a funny experience.

Call your friends

Your friends are the people you have definitely most fun with. You are go out together,  go for a walk in the park, watch movies, do shopping and a lot more exciting activities. You  laugh with them and create memories, but when it’s about time to  clean you go home and  do it alone. But what about changing that. Call your friends and invite them in  your home. You will be amazed by how many of them will be interested in this idea. We advice you to arrange this a week later, so as to inform your friends in advance. In this way they can free themselves and come to help you with the cleaning.

Different tasks to everyone

As we all know, everyone tends to be different. We are interested in  different things, we have different preferences, and everyone is good in different fields. So, you can ask your friends  what they usually like to do and then determine how to distribute the tasks. As you don’t pay your friends and they have come to help you for free, make sure that they agree with what they had to do. Also  list all the things that have to be performed before the beginning of the actual cleaning, because when your friends arrive, you may forget why you have got together and end up hanging out or watching movies instead. When you have a good preparation, you can manage to  complete more tasks during cleaning., You can organize a competition for example.

Until this moment the cleaning process wasn’t  fun at all. This is exactly  why this step is very important. You can hink of various competitions or games  before your friends come. You can split them into different teams and then give to  each team a specific room to clean. Prepare a printed checklist for the end of tenancy cleaning, because it’s sifnificant. To make the cleaning more funny, you can choose one of your friends to act as a judge and rule which of the two teams is going to win. Or you can organize also some small competitions like who can wash a window more fastly, or who is the fastest in changing the sheets. It will be interesting to think of  funny and small prizes for the winners.

Organize coffee or lunch break

You have already done half of the work and you notice that some of your friends are becoming tired, so that’s the perfect time to make a coffee or a lunch break. The most easy part is to order  Chinese or pizza and to make a surprise to your friends with a tasty lunch. Then you can prepare to them some coffee and  give them force.

Listen music

We all agree that listening to music is always funny. So you can think of a way to supply it. If you listen to music while you clean, in this way the cleaning seems  a lot funnier, you can  sing, laugh and dance and forget that once this was a tedious task.

How to make cleaning more fun?
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