Nice Ideas How to Remove Pet Hair

Are you a fan of cats or dogs?  If you are, then you are well acquainted with all the fur  our favourite animals usually leave on the furniture. In this case we all know that pet hair clings to stuff very tight and often it is difficult to remove it. Unfortunately, leather furniture is expensive, so most of us who cannot afford it have no choise  and had to use a roll of tape to try to clean the surfaces.

The low humidity and static electricity, which most often appear in the winter months, makes the annoying pet hair to cling more to every surface. If you diminish these two things, the hair will not be a big enemy to you. We will number for you here a few useful tips  to clean effectively fur from different kinds of surfaces.

How to remove pet hair from furniture?

Get upholstery and fabric free of pet hair by using dampened rubber gloves and run your hand over the surface to remove hair. Simply rinse off  when the glove is covered with hair and repeat if it is needed. Try a slightly wet sponge, if you don’t have rubber gloves at hand. I personally like this way for cleaning because it doesn’t use up much tape needlessly.
You can also  spray a little bit your upholstered furniture with a mixture of water and fabric softener and then wipe the hair off.
If you want to remove pet hair from your wooden furniture, use a soft cloth,  anti-static dusting spray or furniture polisher. The spray will eliminate the electric charge and it will make the cleaning easier and decrease the possibility that the fur will stick again.

 How to remove pet hair from clothes?

In this case a lint roller is the perfect device for you. Everyone should keep one in their home, for a quick hair removal before you go to work or leave to meet friends.
If  the hair is in a large quantity, then throw your clothes in the dryer, together with a dryer sheet just for 10 minutes. Instead you can use a dryer ball if you want a chemical free solution. The movement and the softener will loose the hairs, which gathers up in the lint trap. Another helpful thing to do is to add a liquid water softener to the washer.

If you have pet hair on the floors

If you want to remove pet hair from carpet, use e a pumice stone and scrape it gently along the surface. In this way any hair will be collected right up.  I’ve used a FURminator on my rugs, which, if you use it lightly, it will remove the hair, but won’t damage the carpet.
When you vacuum your carpet, go over the areas two times and change the directions to clean more properly the  stubborn hairs.
If you have hair from your pet on  bare floors or hardwood, use a microfiber or electrostatic dry mop . Vacuum cleaning usually tends to blow the hair around instead of centering it in one spot.

How to clean your pets from hair?

Another thing that  wll help is to brush your pet or the other option is to use a FURminator. Do this for about two days per week and this will definitely cut down on the amount of the annoying fur tumbleweeds that usually roll in your living room.
In fact, I’ve heard but I’ve never tried this that if you put a thin stocking  over the hose of the vacuum cleaner and vacuum your dog or cat, it will help you a lot with the hair cleaning. If I try this on my dog, the poor animal would be traumatized for life. So, I’m curious about whether or not someone else have tried this method before. Please, let us know in the comments.

Nice Ideas How to Remove Pet Hair
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