Valuable carpet cleaning tips at home

Еveryone will agree that sometimes it is very difficult to clean a carpet. It takes effort and time to clean the most stubborn stains. Do you want to increase the lifespan of your carpet? If you do, then we will recommend you some  important instructions and useful tips how to clean your carpet properly. You should know that most of the things that we regularly use in our homes need regular maintenance in order to look as much clean as possible. The same rule applies also to the carpet. It is essential to clean your carpet  if you want it to look well most of the time. We offer you the following basic tips  that are appropriate to anyone who has carpet cleans it regularly.

1.Vacuum your carpet often

If you want to protect your carpet, clean frequently twice a week the whole of the carpet, the entrance areas and also don’t miss the high traffic areas. This will help you to prevent the soil from building up.You should start with a clean bag or a filter. The dirty filter, cup or bag can decrease  the suction power of your vacuum cleaner by a half.
A bagless  vacuum cleaner won’t function if its filter is not  changed regularly. The best solution to this problem is washing or even replacing the bagless vacuum”s filter once in every three months. It is recommended to replace the vacuum bags when they are three quarters full.

2.Vacuum your carpet at high speeds

If you want to gert rid of the dirt as much as possible, we advice you to start vacuuming slowly. The next step is to quickly pass again over the areas that has low traffic and then make a slow pass over these areas that has high traffic.
When doing two slow passes, in this way you will remove the ground in the dirt faster than if you do many fast passes.

3. Get advantage of walk off mats
In order to prevent dirt from collecting on your carpet, it is good to use your walk-off mats inside and the outside. Mats that has a  coarse texture which are usually put outside the doors help to remove soil particles. Mats that absorb water saves your carpeting  from the moisture of the wet shoes.
Most manufacturers recommend for synthetic carpets professional hot water extraction as a number one method for carpet cleaning. You can be refer to it  as steam cleaning but in the first place there is no steam involved. The carpet is  pretreated at first with a detergent solution and after that  by a hot rinse solution. Then high pressure is applied into the carpet and then it is vacuumed out. If this process is performed carefully, it cleans deep and it does not cause  soap residues after that. A  purchased or rented carpet washing machine destroys the dirt on the surface. Deep cleaning helps you remove all of the dust and the allergens. If there are greasy residues, in this case you need  a specialized equipment and a thorough training of a pro. The best option for you is to hire a professional once in every 12 to 18 months.

4. Don’t take bids over the phone

The quality professional usually offers you an inspection, a reference and moreover a written estimate that is based on the type of carpeting, condition and square footage rather than the number of rooms which is cleaned and a guarantee of their work done in a written format.
Be wary of discount carpet cleaners if you want to hire carpet cleaning company.
You should know that the discount professional carpet cleaners that offer discounts depend mostly on making volume of sales rather than creating a strong and enduring client relationship. It is possible that they may just spray soap on your carpet, suck the water up and get away  in 30 minutes. This alwfully done service leaves soap residues which will gather dirt to the carpet. These discount carpet cleaners can get into one’s house  with the purpose of selling high priced additional things such as spot removals and deodorizers.

5. Don’t forget to clean your carpet before it becomes dirty

How often you should do ocarpet cleaning is determined  mostly by the kind of traffic which occurs there, which includes also pets and kids.
Carpet should be cleaned If the carpet’s fibers begin to look dull, this means it is time to clean your carpet. If you wait  until the carpet gets really filthy or very dusty, then of course the process of cleaning will be so difficult, that it will cost long time and even the prize for professional cleaning will be high.

6. You should vacuum properly before and after the cleaning

If you vacuum in advance, in this way you will be able more easily to remove  the large particles of soil.  When the carpet dries up completely, If you vacuum your carpet after it dries up completely, this will help wicks to the surface and pick up the soil remains.

It is recommended to pretreat the dirty spots  and the areas of high traffic.

7. Elevate or remove the furniture

If you cannot move your furniture because it is too heavy , the best option for you  is to put wood blocks, plastic film or aluminum foils under the legs of all the furniture to prevent your carpet from rusting. This should be done in such cases when thel legs of your  furniture are metal.

8. Be careful not to wet your carpet

The machines like DIY moist a lot your carpet, and most of them don’t provide a strong suction to pull it out thoroughly. The best way is to pass once with a solution made from water and soap. Use a neutralizing solution to make just one pass with it. Then do just 1 or 3 drying passes without the water.

9. Let your carpet  dry completely

A carpet that is wet provides a good environment to breed Mold and mildew. After the process of carpet cleaning , you should open thewindows , use a dehumidifier and fans. You  should also  power on the AC.and a moderately set of about 72 to 78 degrees to remove excess moisture from the air. The walks of furniture on the carpet should not be replaced until the carpet is completely dry. This process can take up to around twelve hours. These process, however, takes up to eight hours typically.

10. You should clean quickly

For instance, if you  start removing the stain immediately, the chance that you can remove it easily is around 97 percent. If a stain reacts a long time chemically with the carpeting,  the process of removal will be more difficult.

When trying to clean stubborn stains, use a club soda or vinegar.
If water alone does not work to remove the tough stains, you should try using the white vinegar  in equal amount of water.

Machines like DIY dampen a lot the carpet, and most of them don’t provide a strong suction to pull it out completely. The solution for this is  to make a pass with a water solution and a soap.  Use a neutralizing solution to pass just once. Then perform just 1 or 3 drying passes without the water.

Valuable carpet cleaning tips at home
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