Pre-Tenancy Cleaning

Pre-tenancy Cleaning in London: the Proper Deep Clean You Need Before Moving In

Pre-tenancy cleaning gives the benefit of a clean and fresh start when moving in a new property.

The service covers cleaning and sanitizing of every corner in the property and is suitable for properties where a professional end of tenancy cleaning has already been conducted.

The purpose of pre-tenancy cleaning is to ensure spotless rooms, stainless surfaces and shining appliances.

Who Is the Pre-tenancy Cleaning Service for?

Sunny Clean’s pre-tenancy cleaning service is for anyone who wants to start afresh with a professionally cleaned and sanitized property:

Tenants who what to move in a spotless clean place
Landlords who want to have their property in a perfect condition before they lease it
Agencies who would like to offer a property in the best possible condition for tenancy

Pre-Tenancy Cleaning at a Glance

  • The prices for pre-tenancy cleaning start from £ 95 (for a studio/flat)
  • The service includes a thorough clean and sanitization of the bathroom and kitchen, fittings dusting, vacuuming of mattresses and carpets, cleaning all cupboards and doors, cleaning behind and under furniture.
  • Sunny Clean’s pre-tenancy cleaning comes with a 48-hours re-clean guarantee
  • Any services added to the pre-tenancy cleaning service are delivered with up to 30 % discount

How Does the Pre-tenancy Cleaning Service Work?

The pre-tenancy cleaning is carried out by dedicated teams​​ with professional equipment and detergents for every specific purpose. All cleans are carried out following a pre-tenancy checklist.

The service is focused on leaving the property in a pristine clean condition, sanitized and cleaned to the very last detail, including door handles, cupboards, cabinets, cobwebs, ceilings, skirting boards, appliances etc.

What Does a Pre-tenancy Cleaning Include [A Checklist]

Sunny Clean’s teams won’t miss a thing when cleaning your property before you move in. Pre-tenancy cleaning teams understand exactly how to leave a property feeling sterilised and they will really clean everything – the freezer, the fridge, the inside of the dishwasher, tops of cupboards – from top to bottom, ensuring that there is no trace left of the previous occupants.

During the pre-tenancy cleaning service all floors are carefully swept and mopped, carpets are hoovered, skirting boards cleaned, all corners and furniture are dusted, the bathroom and kitchen surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

A detailed list with all the cleanings conducted during the pre-tenancy cleaning service is available in our Pre-Tenancy Cleaning Checklist [PDF]?

How Much Does the Pre-tenancy Cleaning Cost?  [A Pricelist]

Depending on the size and the type of your property the price of a Sunny Clean’s pre-tenancy service varies from £95 up to £290.

Below you will find a list with fixed prices for standard properties. For any other types of properties, please contact a Sunny Clean’s representative for a quote, suited to your individual cleaning needs.


Studio flat£95
1 bedroom house/flat£105
2 bedroom flat/1 bathroom£125
2 bedroom flat/2 bathroom£140
2 bedroom house/1 bathroom£150
2 bedroom house/2 bathroom£165
To book a cleaning or for any questions you might have about pricing, please get in touch with a Sunny Clean’s representative.

Services to Add to the Pre-tenancy at a Special Price

Any additional services added to the pre-tenancy cleaning are delivered at a special price. Among the range of available discounted cleaning services are carpet cleaning, balcony cleaning, upholstery cleaning, windows cleaning.

For any clean you might need added to your pre-tenancy cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer care team for more information and a quote.

For any questions you might have about Sunny Clean’s pre-tenancy cleaning service, please contact us to receive detailed information.

Pre-Tenancy Cleaning
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