Speed-Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes or Less

Almost everyone have a busy life and we all know how hard is it sometimes to manage all our cleaning tasks. In the day-to-day hustle and bustle, keeping the house clean can seem about as likely as winning the lottery—but it doesn’t have to consume hours of your daily time. Aside from the occasional in-depth cleaning sessions, you can stay on top of daily dirt and grime in just 30 minutes a day (or less!). With just a little organization and pre-planning, you’ll breeze through basic cleaning tasks in no time and with a minimum effort and free more personal time for yourself.

Maximize your cleaning and save tons of your time by following this helpful checklist containing useful hacks to get your home in an excellent shape in just 30 minutes.

Use a timer:

You can become very efficient at your cleaning with the help of a timer. You can split your time into chunks. For example, you can leave 15 minutes to mop the bathroom floor and another 15 min. to vacuum the bedroom carpet. In this way you may be urged  to finish your cleaning tasks even faster.

Conquer clutter:

It is important to us to be honest when deciding actually what are the things we use most and what item can be thrown off. Sometimes it’s hard to separate with some things but it’s for our own convenience. Some items like unused clothes, toys that your children no longer play with have no purpose and just stay in our ways preventing of us of cleaning even better.

Keep random objects out of your way by assigning each family member a “collection station” (use a large laundry basket or unused trash can) for corralling things that don’t have a home. Everyone is responsible for emptying their stations once they’re full.
Gather your weapons: Use a cleaning caddy to bring your main supplies from room to room as you clean. Stock it with Disinfectant Spray /DS/ , disinfecting wipes, cleaning cloths, and any other necessities. If your home has multiple levels, create one full caddy for each. By getting rid of clutter you will see how easy your cleaning may become afterwards.

Involve the family members:

It will be much easier  for you to keep your home clean at all times by giving cleaning tasks to the other family members. Divide different tasks throughout the week among everyone in your family, even the smallest children, according to their age, capabilites and free time. You may even create a colourful and interesting family cleaning schedule/ chore chart and put it on a prominent place so that it’s easy for everyone to know what they should do on a particular day. By sharing all of the cleaning chores, in this way everyone takes responsibility for the cleanliness of your home, which will always shine without much effort from just one person.

Clean on the go:

This may sound ridiculous  at first but it can actually be very effective method. Don’t let the dirt stay very long time. If you immediately wipe all the spills and stains, you prevent them from chemically react with the surface over time. Consequently, it’s more easy to remove them, so the faster you act,the better.

Map out your route:

Systematic patterns can shave serious time off your cleaning. One recommended method is to start each room at the top, to the left of the doorway, and move clockwise and down. Use a logical room-to-room path with no backtracking to save even more time.

Use toothbrush:

When you cannot reach the tiny fixtures in your home then try using a toothbrush. Not only is it a very handy tools, but it’s also cheap.

Focus, grasshopper:

When you’re ready to start speed-cleaning, focus on the task at hand by putting down the phone and turning off the television. If you can’t stand the silence or need motivation, tune into your favorite radio station or kick up your most energetic iPod playlist.

Throw the paper towels:

Use microfiber towels because they are not only reusable but also inexpensive and clean the surfaces very effectively.

Skip the little things:

Give yourself permission to ignore tedious, time-consuming tasks that don’t need to be performed daily. Extend tasks like dusting off knick-knacks, scouring spice racks, rearranging shelves, and wiping down window treatments to once a month.

Clean your broom:

We sometimes don’t realize how much dirt we are dragging around the house again and again when we don’t clean regularly our broom. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it properly.

Wipe away germs:

Instead of breaking out the trigger spray and scrubber for every surface, use Disinfecting Wipes to quickly clean frequently touched or trafficked surfaces that are already relatively clean. You’ll save time, and you can give these areas a proper weekly cleaning with DS to maintain pristine conditions.

Put your cleaning items in an apron:

Keep all your necessary items in the pockets of your apron. In this way you will avoid dragging them around. You can use a caddy or a bucket for the bigger items. When you keep your cleaning tools at hand, you will save a lot of time.

Banish the broom:

If you vacuum carpets but sweep hard flooring, save time and energy by leaving the broom in the closet and vacuuming everything. It’s just as effective, and eliminates one bulky tool. Invest in a 50-foot extension cord, and you can vacuum room to room without unplugging and re-plugging.

Finish with a refreshing scent:

As a final touch for each room, use an air freshener such as Neutra-Air—either as a daily spray, or an automatic Freshmatic unit. Your home will look and smell amazing.
The more often you follow your speed-cleaning checklist, the easier and faster it will be. You’ll save hours of time, and the dirt, germs, and odors won’t have a fighting chance.

Speed-Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes or Less
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